Does Your Garage Door Need to Be Reset?

We serve homeowners all across Indianapolis, IN

If your garage door has come off its track, reach out to Brickyard Garage Doors ASAP. We offer garage door reset services in Indianapolis, Indiana. This isn't the same as a garage door repair, since your door isn't damaged. A garage door contractor will examine your door and put it back on track ASAP. You won't be dealing with an off-track garage door long after you contact us.

Other reasons why you need your garage door reset

Other reasons why you need your garage door reset

You may need your garage door reset for a variety of reasons. Arrange for garage door reset services if:

  • Your door got jammed due to tree-related damage
  • A few rollers broke or got worn out
  • One of the lift cables snapped
  • You hit your door with your car
  • The tracks weren't aligned properly

Whatever the issue may be, you can count on us to resolve it. Call 317-268-2555 now to get a free estimate on your garage door reset service.